Flat Screen Clean™

Flat Screen Clean™

Flat Screen Clean™

Screen Cleaner Kit

It's not clean... It's Flat Screen Clean™


Flat Screens / Touch Screens / Curved TVs / Wearable Tech

Screen Cleaner Kit  /  Flat Screen Cleaner  / Touch Screen Cleaner

Curved TV Cleaner / Wearable Tech Cleaner 

What does Flat Screen Clean™ Remove?


Fingerprints / Dust / Dirt / Lipstick / Smoke film / Crayon / Pencil / Permanent marker / Food soils /Grease / Oils / Ink / Creams / Food dust / Food oils /
Other Cleaners Residues Left Behind.

Flat Screen Clean™ is a non-toxic cleaner that has consumer health in mind.”

We Only Use All-Natural Ingredients.

Did  you know that in the United States, a product can only be labeled as a    disinfectant or antimicrobial agent after it has been registered as a  pesticide with the Environmental Protection Agency.

This  is why you will never see essential oils or other natural products with   antiseptic properties advertised as antimicrobial.

 Made In The U.S.A.